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Proper Communication
Profane or Vulgar Language
Racist or Sexist Comments

Gaming And Sportsmanship
Good Sportsmanship
Disruptive Behavior
Stat Spamming

Online Identity
Use Of Usernames
Identify Theft
Impersonating Authority Figures
Multiple Usernames

Fair Play
Bug Exploits
Circumvention Exploits

Proper Communication
» Profane or Vulgar Language
Although friendly taunting is acceptable in competitive gaming, prolonged and unsolicited harassment of any user will not be tolerated. Users on Professionals should never have to feel that they are the target of unfair verbal abuse from another user. If anyone feels that they are subject to prolonged harassment by another user, they should request that user to cease such activity immediately. Should the the verbal abuse continue despite warnings, it may become grounds for removal from the servers.

» Racist or Sexist Comments
Any form of derogatory slander concerning gender, sexual preferences, race, or religion is not tolerated in any form at Professionals. Bigoted expressions create a hostile environment for users on the servers and will not to be tolerated.

» Flooding
Users that flood the text chat with repeated messages are not welcome on the Professionals Servers. Flooding constitutes as any activity which impedes the ability of other users to read the messages of other users. This includes behavior such as sending out large amounts of text in a short amount of time and sending messages in bright color combination's that make it difficult for users to see messages sent by other users which are displayed in the default text color.

» Spamming
Spamming is forbidden in any form on any medium on Professionals. This includes but is not limited to messages sent to the forums, chat rooms, game text chat, and in game voice chat. Spamming covers any form of irrelevant or inappropriate sent to multiple users which have nothing to do with the on going topics and discussions.

Gaming And Sportsmanship
» Good Sportsmanship
Players on the Professionals are generaly encouraged to be good sports. Grace in winning and losing is expected of all players. The ultimate goal of playing online games is to allow everyone who participates to have fun. Unsportsmanly behavior such as quiting team games at the first sign of defeat or constantly switching to the winning team to avoid losing is frowned upon. Excessively poor sportsmanship will be issued a warning. Failure to comply may be grounds for removal from the servers.

» Disruptive Behavior
Engaging in activities that hinder your own team or that ruin the fun for other users on the Professionals servers are grounds for removal from the servers. This includes activities like team killing, flash banging your own teammates, excessive camping, and unduely quiting or idling for unreasonable lengths of time in games that need to be arranged before hand. A warning will be issued for this kind of behavior. Failure to correct the offending behavior may be grounds for removal from the servers.

» Stat Spamming
Engaging in any form of activity to unduely boost skill ratings or score ranks is strictly prohibited on the Professionals. This includes but is not limited to activities such as repeatedly performing mission objectives on unpopulated servers devoid of opponents or kill trading for the purposes of improving player ranking placement on the servers.

Online Identity
» Use Of Usernames
Your username should represent you in all mediums of communication available to you at Professionals. This means that you should use your username to represent yourself whether you are on chat, posting on the forums, or playing on the Game Servers. Any Professionals user who is found to be using a name other than his username on Professionals Forum will be required to change his name to his username. Failure to comply will be grounds for removal from the Forum

» Identify Theft
Usernames are meant to be unique. It is the basis on which the identity and reputation of players are founded. Impersonating another user in any way may compromise his or her reputation and is thus strictly prohibited. An individual caught impersonating another user may be removed from the servers immediately and without warning.

» Impersonating Authority Figures
A regular user pretending to be a moderator or administrator can easily compromise the integrity of real moderators and administrators. Any user deemed to be doing this will thus be removed from the servers immediately and without warning.

» Multiple Usernames
While there may be legitimate reasons for a person to use more than one username, doing so with the intention of pretending to be several actual people is dishonest and is thus prohibited. Creating additional usernames for the sole purpose of swaying poll votes or meeting minimum clan member requirements is grounds for the deletion of all accounts involved and in extreme cases may lead to further punitive actions.

» Cheating
Cheating is defined as the use of third party tools, binds, configuration scripts or any form of outside intervention in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This not only includes obvious hacks such as aimbots and wallhacks but also exploits such as scripted bunnyhopping and ghosting (having one player spectating with the intention of scouting for potential threats and targets on behalf of another player by yelling across the room, talking over the telephone, etc.). Cheating is grounds for immediate banning without warning. Whether cheaters are caught by an automated cheat-detection system or is witnessed by an observing moderator, the penalties are the same.


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